Q: How can I use tabs to display web sites instead of additional windows?
A: Adjust the settings of the browser being used so each URL will be opened in a brand new tab. This saves memory and makes your desktop look a lot more organized and clean.
When using Internet Explorer, go to “Tools” then “Internet Options” and click the “Settings” button found in the “Tabs” section. Make sure the “always open pop-ups in a new tab” option is selected before saving changes. In Firefox, access the “Edit” menu and choose “Preferences” followed by “Tabs.” Place a check mark next to “Force links that open new windows to open in” followed by “a new tab” before saving changes.  

Q: Not all of the web pages I entered are showing up in Bulk URLOpener. What do I do?
A: There could either be a page limit activated or pop-up blocker that is enabled within your browser. A great workaround step to bypass this would be pressing down the Ctrl (or Command) key when you click “Open All.” 
If that doesn’t work, here’s how to turn off the pop-up blocker.
In Internet Explorer, the Tools menu will guide you to the Pop-Up Blocker option. Go to Settings and then type the URL (fastbulkurlopener.blogspot.com) as the “url of site to allow” before pressing “Add” and then “Close.”
In Firefox, the Firefox button will take you to Options. After clicking Options, you’ll have to click Content followed by the Exceptions button next to the “block pop-windows” option. Add the URL and close the dialog box so you can click OK within the Options box to save changes.
In Chrome, click the small notice icon with the red X that pops up in the URL bar and confirm that you want to “Always allow popups from www.fastbulkurlopener.blogspot.com” before clicking “Done” to save changes.
Keep in mind that you might still need to use the Ctrl (or Command) key to prevent websites from opening up in separate windows. 

Q: Whenever I open a lot of different URLs, my computer runs very slow. How do I fix this?
A: Reduce the number of URLs that are opened. Keep in mind that every single process, program, application, file or website that you have running saps your computer’s memory and drastically reduces its speed.  

Q: Is my information safe when I use Fast Bulk URL Opener?
A: You will not have to worry about this, Because Fast Bulk URL Opener does not save any of the information that is entered.  

Q: From where did the idea and concept for Fast Bulk URL Opener originate?
A: The creator had to open high quantities of URLs from a spreadsheet at his job and created a basic tool to make that easier for others as well. 

Q: What is the privacy policy of fastbulkurlopener.blogspot.com?
A: fastbulkurlopener.blogspot.com collect anonymous user statistics only.    

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